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What is the Ladies Triple Crown?

Posted on November 14, 2013 in Training | 1 comment

What is the Ladies Triple Crown?

This is such a beautiful medal – and one we are happy to award to women who have completed all three women’s cycling events in California in one year. It all starts with the Senorita Century Women’s Ride in San Diego on March 2, 2014, then on July 13 enjoy the Beach Babe Bicycling Classic in Long Beach, followed by the Princess Promenade in Sacramento on October 5. Three beautiful rides for women, one awesome medal to commemorate your accomplishment.

What Is the Ladies Triple Crown?
The Ladies Triple Crown is an award we created for women who ride for fun, fitness, and who complete all three women’s cycling events we host in California. The first ride in San Diego is actually the most challenging. The Senorita Century has a 40 and 64 mile option with 1400′ of climbing on the 40 mile route and 2800′ of climbing on the 66 mile route. And since “century” is a term we took from European cycling meaning 100 kilometers (62 miles in the U.S.), completing the Senorita Century comes with bragging rights – it’s a tough course and stunningly beautiful as well. This particular women’s ride is unique in that we allow 100 men to register and ride as Rico Suave, giving the Spanish theme some extra sizzle.

Next in the Ladies Triple Crown Series is the Beach Babe Bicycling Classic on July 13 in Long Beach, CA. This is a true getaway weekend and pleasure cruise to do with your girlfriends as the route goes along the beach bike paths and trails from Long Beach to Seal Beach to Huntington Beach and back. Enjoy the  delightfully catered rest stops as you make your way from the royal Queen Mary to Surf City, USA, for 15 or 38 miles of unspoiled coastal beauty.

As autumn rolls around, so does the annual Princess Promenade Bike Ride along the scenic American River Parkway bike trail from California’s state capital Sacramento to historic mining town of Folsom. Choose from 15, 26, 40, 55 or 64 on October 5 and claim your Ladies Triple Crown medal! Three rides, one year. Bravo to you!

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  1. can’t wait for the Senorita 40 mile ride. I’m all signed up. Looking forward to the Beach Babe 38 mile ride and the Princess Promenade again! My first ride was 15 miles on 10/6/13. I’ve been training so I hope to see some improvement on my rides :)

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